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The Senders are practitioners of that "one-way telepathic broadcast" which, according to the Factualists, "must be regarded as an unqualified evil" (140); and as far as I can see, Sending in this sense--which "Artists will confuse .
Exactly this problematics of personal identity is implied in the politics of Interzone, where the other parties, besides the Senders, are the Liquefactionists, the Divisionists, and the Factualists.
147-53 the Parties of Interzone: the Liquefactionists, the Senders, the Divisionists (all forms of fascism/control), the Factualists (libertarians)
It is constantly being struggled over by three factions or gangs of Bad Guys--the Liquefactionists, the Divisionists, and the Senders--all of them contending also with the lone band of Good Guys, the Factualists.
This world of independent states of affairs is tied together by causation--an all-embracing causal net which gives the world a unity other factualists have had difficulty providing.