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Incident, act, event, or circumstance. A fact is something that has already been done or an action in process. It is an event that has definitely and actually taken place, and is distinguishable from a suspicion, innuendo, or supposition. A fact is a truth as opposed to fiction or mistake.

A Question of Fact in litigation is concerned with what actually took place. During a trial, questions of fact are generally left for the jury to determine after each opposing side has presented its case. By contrast, a Question of Law is ordinarily decided by a judge, who must deal with applicable legal rules and principles that affect what transpired.

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n. an actual thing or happening, which must be proved at trial by presentation of evidence and which is evaluated by the finder of fact (a jury in a jury trial, or by the judge if he/she sits without a jury).

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an event, occurrence or state of affairs known to have happened; to be distinguished from opinion or law. Facts can however be found proven in legal proceedings where they may or may not have actually happened. Facts may also be inferred from other facts.
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This is in spite of the arguably fictional nature of the thought-experiments widely used as a methodological tool in the natural sciences: "steht die Fiktion nicht nur jenseits der 'harten' Wissenschaften, sondern wird geradezu als Gegensatz zu den Kriterien exakter Methoden wie Objektivitat, Faktizitat und Beweisbarkeit definiert" [fiction not only stands apart from the 'hard' sciences, but is actually defined as opposed to the criteria of exact methods such as objectivity, factuality and provability] (Weigel 184).
Their study featured 21 four year-olds, 19 six year-olds, and 21 eight year-olds, and concluded that children's judgments across all age groups were correct, as the participants were convinced of the factuality of scientific entities and the non-factuality of equivocal and impossible beings.
In this respect, the authority of the novel's opening that Debra Shostak deems "undermined" because it "tells a tale" rather than represent "reality transparently" (213) remains intact, as it authorizes graphically and formally the generative power of counter-factuality as a means to understand factuality. The doubling of the beginning and the doubling of the third person pronoun thus represent graphically and formally how the seeds of otherness and difference are contained in any event and in any self.
Here, Johnson's interests are not in the factuality or non- factuality of Toaff's assertions and claims, but instead in the controversies of interpretive readings surrounding them and the vested interests of those on the attack, both in Israel and elsewhere.
The subsequent material argues that media bias is a departure from objectivity that includes the concepts of factuality and impartiality.
He is intensely interested in fabrication, in the performance of self, in the reality we make up in order to live; but his fiction examines this "without sacrificing the factuality of time and place to surreal fakery or magic-realist gimmickry," as Zuckerman approvingly says of Lonoff's work.
Another reservation one might be entitled to express is prompted by the lack of information regarding the political persuasions of authors--how they can be situated on the left- to right-wing scale but it is probably unfair to expect this degree of rigid factuality from a series of looselyconnected conference papers that do not purport to offer biographical outlines.
But it seems that, like some other storytellers, he does not always adhere to the fine points of factuality, does not explain inconsistencies and cherry-picks information of use to him even when it is somewhat misleading.
For the latter, any interpretation appears suspect if it seems to deny the factuality of something in the Bible.
Pierre finds instances of superficial factuality that insist on closer attention.
Finally, as a painter, it was delicious to see someone who has remained true to the factuality of what paint and painting is, applying colored liquid, charcoal, and crayon to pieces of fabric stretched on pieces of wood, and making something wondrous happen.
In the light of the Surveyors' Conclusion of the factuality of the Loss, they have to take into account the Provisions of the Underwriters' relative Policy of Insurance and to see whether the Insureds' Loss would fall within the ambit of the Insurers' relevant Policy of Insurance and, if so, whether any Policy Deductibles are applicable on the Insureds' Claim as well.