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As the afternoon wore on, he began to feel himself straining more and more after an idea that would release those old notes from their raw factuality and transform them into a puzzle for his imagination to solve.
371) Unlike the labels' images, for which Rogers insisted upon a holistic assessment to determine the warning labels' factuality under Zauderer, (372) Rogers suggested the "1-800-QUIT-NOW" hotline number could be severed and assessed independently.
Wilhelm's novel is less interested in heterosexist masculinity (though does not ignore it, as I will discuss), but her imitation of Hemingway suggests that she may have seen something in his style of apparent factuality with underlying ambiguity that was useful for her own tale.
They were more likely to accept the factuality of the programs, tending to expect non-actors in unscripted situations, but acknowledging that these situations were often contrived and that the presence of the camera may have influenced the cast's behavior (Hall, 2009, p.
The second aspect underlined in this definition is the factuality of news.
The mode of factuality (as White calls it) is particularly appropriate to this approach as it allows these filmmakers to engage in a different "poetics" of remembering.
Criteria for selection included appropriateness for intended audience and factuality based on accepted theories and research.
the literal level of factuality to a symbolic level where the contradiction is resolved in meaning" (164).
Hossein Emami, Horticultural department, Agriculture factuality, University of Guilan
In other words, the question of existence or factuality is not where the pragmatist positions himself, and even extreme forms of cultural relativisms feel no need to deny the distinction between lumps and texts.
First, Jenks maintains that evidence of a commitment to a fit between "truth and factuality," that is, some form of correspondence, need not undermine a commitment to a CTT.
The author weaves some of those fragments into her novel word for word, as if to remind us of the factuality behind her fiction.