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Love Factually brings the evidence to bear in a way that I hope will speak to everyone.”
From 1981 to 1987, when determining whether the death sentence before it proved proportional to the sentences in other factually similar capital cases, the Supreme Court of Missouri considered affirmed, factually similar cases that resulted in either life imprisonment or a death sentence.
Fish and Wildlife Service should be reported factually. This case can be researched on the Internet as United States vs.
The Center for AIDS Prevention was the focus of a ProPublica report earlier this week that claimed the Beverly Hills group "has spread factually inaccurate, and potentially dangerous, health information through its Web site."
Actually Factually contains the truth behind childhood beliefs about everything from science to human nature...
The Detroiter staff strives to be factually accurate and promptly corrects all errors.
Recent findings from a systematic review of local news broadcasts found that health stories comprise a significant amount of airtime, but that the type and presentation of the information was frequently not useful, and was often factually incorrect.
Marguerite is an actual historical figure and Goodman explains who she is and what is known factually about her.
For this reason, our copy editors work diligently to ensure that each story is factually correct, thoroughly researched, and well-presented," says Garcia.
Yesterday, he insisted that his denials were not morally or factually wrong.
"Even more important, we're able to factually report those successes to our stakeholders and work together to remove those roadblocks."
In that statement he apologised for an "inadvertent error" which caused him to give "factually inaccurate" evidence to the Transport Select Committee in November 2001.