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The real objection to using illegally seized evidence against a factually guilty defendant is not that such use is contrary to the Constitution, but that a court is normally unable to determine whether a defendant is guilty of using his privacy for criminal purposes without considering the very evidence that
The NARAL ad should never have been produced in the first place and NARAL's decision to pull it clearly reflects the fact that the ad was not only factually flawed and without basis in fact - but was totally ineffective as well," said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ who argued the Bray case before the high court.
Factually, he was just a liberal all along, wearing a sham Republican suit, voting against judicial confirmation of Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas and voting against the tax bill and other Republican issues.
These include, among other things, interferring with Knape & Vogt's displays at a number of trade shows, making false statements regarding the KV 8400's ability to meet industry standards, and publishing factually inaccurate and misleading communications in which Accuride claimed the Knape & Vogt product was nothing more than a "knock off" of an Accuride product, which it is not.
WASHINGTON -- Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), who argued the Supreme Court case that's the focal point of a NARAL ad attacking Supreme Court nominee John Roberts, says the ad is factually flawed and reprehensible.
Our commercial simply and factually informs beer drinkers that most Coors Light distributed in the Northeast leaves Coors' Colorado brewery in concentrated form and is shipped to a packaging facility where it is diluted while Natural Light leaves our breweries in the Northeast as a finished product," Owens said.
However, that is factually incorrect, and Tiger Team will remain on the Pink Sheets, but will get an additional listing on the S & P.
We are suggesting his opinion is factually inaccurate,'' Deputy Mayor Kelly Martin said.
WASHINGTON, May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The chairman of the Canadian Forest Industries Council (CFIC) today dismissed a new Commerce Department finding on Canadian softwood lumber subsidies as a "political ploy" and vowed to continue the fight against the "economically misguided and factually indefensible" U.
I've always said Josh was innocent, truly factually innocent of the crime.
The yard's owners dismiss the claims as factually inaccurate, and Assistant City Attorney Stephen R.
results in a statement which is factually correct .