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Sragow defended the commercials, saying ``everything we have put in is factually accurate.
Murdock's successful track record with smaller market capitalization companies gives us great confidence that the Life Energy story will be fairly and factually disseminated to a large and viable investor base.
I have no more concern about it, and I don't believe they discussed this case factually,'' Farley said.
Glamis believes the appeal is factually and legally without merit and intends to vigorously assist the BLM in defense of the Record of Decision.
and even though factually this is not in the greenbelt, this is a standard-of-living issue for residents of Moorpark.
Based on its initial review of the complaint, the company believes that the claims contained within the complaint are factually incorrect and without merit, and the company intends to vigorously defend itself against the lawsuit.
At this point, we are trying to determine what factually occurred in the Oak Park area,'' said Deputy District Attorney Greg Brose, supervising attorney for the consumer and environmental protection division.
SPG stated publicly that it intends to vigorously contest the ruling, which it believes to be legally and factually wrong.
Factually, it has taken years of failed policies and personal interests of certain individuals for PIA and the PSM to suffer billions in losses.
Accordingly, we do not believe it is factually accurate to indicate that INSYS is materially contributing to the opioid crisis in the State of Maryland nor is it factually accurate to state that INSYS is not cooperating in good faith with the State of Maryland's investigation.
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