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Keynote Speaker at Dies Facultates of University of Vienna (Austria), October 23, 2011
Thus, it should come as no surprise that Cesar-Egasse Du Boulay would subtitle his Historia Universitatis Parisiensis with the heading: Nationes, Facultates, Magistratus, Decreta.
Musculus employs a clever and subtle pun on the word facultates, which doubles for faculties and resources.
Si linguis hominum loquar, et angelorum, et cetera; si tradidero corpus meum ita ut ardeam, et cetera; si distribuero omnes facultates meas in cibos pauperum, caritatem autem non habeam, nichil michi prodest.
He goes on to describe the contributions of each of the three: Socrates impelled the people of his day to turn away from the study of"forensic eloquence" and on to the study of "wisdom and self-perfection"; Plato was perfect in facultates, especially as a speculativus; finally, there was Aristotle "who studied with Plato for twenty-one years and imparted the highest order to the sciences.
Excelsi dextera paradisum voluptatis olym plantavit Parisius venerandum gignasium litterarum, unde sapientie fons ascendit, qui in quatuor facultates, videlicet theologiam, jurisperitiam, medicinam, necnon rationalem, naturalem, moralem philosophiam quasi in [iiij.

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