faculty of speech

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A flood of tears now gushed from the eyes of Jones, and every faculty of speech and motion seemed to have deserted him.
"I was not aware," said Grandfather, with a civil salutation to his oaken companion, "that you possessed the faculty of speech. Otherwise I should often have been glad to converse with such a solid, useful, and substantial if not brilliant member of society."
One day, in discourse, my master, having heard me mention the nobility of my country, was pleased to make me a compliment which I could not pretend to deserve: "that he was sure I must have been born of some noble family, because I far exceeded in shape, colour, and cleanliness, all the YAHOOS of his nation, although I seemed to fail in strength and agility, which must be imputed to my different way of living from those other brutes; and besides I was not only endowed with the faculty of speech, but likewise with some rudiments of reason, to a degree that, with all his acquaintance, I passed for a prodigy."
"I haven't lost a moment's time," he began in a hoarse, provoking tone; and then the faculty of speech seemed to leave him and enter the body of Councillor Mikulin, who chimed in approvingly--
The power or faculty of speech is to put on my lips what is in my mind.
Washington, Sep 22 (ANI): Scientists have discovered several molecularly and cellularly different cortical areas in Broca's language region, the motor centre for speech-a finding that shows that our faculty of speech is actually embedded in a much more differentially developed brain landscape than we have believed for the past 150 years.
It's a complex world that's dedicated to our faculty of speech," said Professor Karl Zilles, co-author of this study.
If things continue the way they are going - being told what we can and cannot say - we will, in a few generations, lose the faculty of speech!
If you stick with him, you'll play a vital part in restoring the precious faculty of speech when he might have become frustrated, isolated and despairing.
In contrast, for the word `blank' in the sense `Of persons: (Looking) as if deprived of the faculty of speech or action; .

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