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In addition, there are sections of FAD that have not yet been included in the financing programs and also require major reconstruction.
Por esta razon, la segunda posible conclusion de la convocatoria a la conformacion del FAD seria que el PRD tuviera candidato propio a la Presidencia de la Republica, que si bien no tuviera ninguna posibilidad de triunfo, si cumpliria el objetivo de fraccionar el voto.
Ghobash added that the outcome of the audit of financial transactions detects cases of non-compliance by certain entities audited by the FAD with the legislation in force.
With their song as the soundtrack for the fad, Rae Sremmurd made their own Mannequin Challenge video, getting more than 55,000 retweets after it was uploaded to member Swae Lee's Twitter account.
Fish tracked in the Seychelles and off Reunion Island were moved distances of 70-1720 m from the FAD during tagging, as part of a study on dolphinfish homing abilities around FADs (Girard et al.
Being part of Bryant[R] FAD team is an awesome experience for Furnace & AC Experts.
Al Huraiz said that the seminar has been organised in line with the directives and views of His Highness Shaikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Chairman of the Fad.
FAD trips similar to the one we took on the Tranquillo can range from 2 days $9,000,3 days $11,500, or 4 days $15,000.
Stokesley-based Quorn Foods is a top global brand in meat free alternatives and it's attributing its record January sales to consumers ditching fad New Year diets and instead pursuing more sustainable food solutions that they're more likely to be able to keep for life.
The firm cited a recent YouGov poll which reported that 74% of people said that fad diets are not the solution to health and wellbeing.
Ach le bhith a' togail dealbh air Breatainn air fad chuir Aithris na Maidne nar cuimhne gu bheil a cheart uimhir de bhochdainn ann am pairtean eile dhen duthaich, ann an achlais sgirean beairteach.
As soon as any income is taken under FAD, then the 'money purchase annual allowance' (MPAA) is triggered.