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as the only means for settling disputes regarding educational practice, as the only way of verifying educational improvements, and as the only way of establishing a cumulative tradition in which improvements can be introduced without the danger of a faddish discard of old wisdom in favor of inferior novelties.
We cannot be caught up in faddish programs that have no empirical data to support claims of recidivism reduction.
No detours into faddish merchandise, no soirees into nonfunctional trivial merchandise.
The characters avoid faddish expressions, slang, and jargon.
It's faddish, and that's why it gets old so quickly," Gross explains.
Called "as legitimate a dance as any other dance that has existed" by one aficionado, the form was initially accorded little respect due to faddish '80s co-opting by the mainstream, notably in one "Flashdance" sequence excerpted here.
The study of the history of science has grown dramatically from the rather faddish classicism of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to the rich discipline it is today, but its historiography of science has remained quiet.
Drawing on extensive international experience in business improvement, Slater (Initiate Action, Australia) presents his "10 Steps" process that focuses on good sustainable practices--from getting organized to ignoring tradition--rather than on readily observable factors and faddish, environment-specific "best" practices.
We have seen more as we talk to consumers in terms of health and wellness, but while I think that health and wellness as a platform will still be around for a long time, the elements within that still can be faddish.
What is fascinating is how by implication and indirection and more directly in the closing chapter, Jabbar draws fascinating lines of influence between the arts and sports, a topic that even within this sports-crazed era has not received much notice save how pampered members of contemporary jockocracy indulge a fondness for faddish gangster rap or heavy metal.
Antonia Cortese, executive vice president of the American Federation of Teachers, says that the proposals include "seriously flawed ideas with faddish allure that won't produce better academic results."
He is not above creating faddish types, but a face like Waver or Philips Script has an universal appeal and will find a niche in future, while his workhorses, Renard and the Quadraat family, are already well-entrenched in quality book work in Europe.