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This faddishness extends to the medical advice we're given.
First, while it is true that there may be some marketing and faddishness going on in this area, a number of authors have been writing about these themes for a long time.
The faddishness of the Third Way represents not simply the acceptance of the triumph of capital, but also the Clintonization of European politics and ideas.
Indeed, in their efforts to demonstrate their presence on the linguistic bleeding edge, print journalists often overlook the fact that Internet culture is dictated by its immediacy, and as a result is a victim of its own faddishness.
Thoroughly abreast of recent criticism, she mostly avoids cant and faddishness, though some, I suppose, will regard her examination of "marginalized" material in Shakespeare's plays as merely trendy.
She wryly admits to the faddishness of postcolonial studies, noting it was known as Commonwealth Studies until some knowing academic thought to update its image and partake in "the dazzling marketing success of the term postmodernism.
This faddishness gives the education system the appearance of ceaseless change.
There is a faddishness to news coverage of mental disorders, but it is difficult to account for why the major media periodically focus on certain ailments like ADD and body dysmorphic disorder (which similarly is arbitrarily defined and diagnosed), yet fail to examine others.
Indeed, there is a certain faddishness to downsizing.
While punk, with its faddishness, successfully shredded an enduring concept (for a half century's battering had not managed to destroy England's imperial self-image), Versace lets transience and perpetuity coexist.