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Because of all this faddishness and the religiosity surrounding protein, people have always thought that they need more protein in their diet and that the more protein consumed, the better.
Now that the screaming faddishness of the once white hot electroclash scene has quieted down a bit, it's time to start sifting through the sound in search of something lasting and worthwhile.
There is also media faddishness, what Lowe refers to as the CNN factor.
As huge as Talvin Singh ever got, his success was more a product of providential timing than today's hyper-aware faddishness.
Tony McNamara's directional debut is like a delightful co-mingling of Pythonesque comic exaggeration, Cameron Crowe's unlikely teen romance Say Anything and a savage satire on new age faddishness .
But this 180-degree change of advice is just one more example of the faddishness that I've observed in the medical profession throughout my lifetime.
Valenzuela also takes a jab at American avant-garde faddishness when she depicts Ava going around to different universities lecturing on her craft.
Similarly, Don Corrigan's (1999) book, The Public Journalism Movement in America: Evangelists in the Newsroom, explores the faddishness and the impracticalities of public journalism's ideal.
This move to transcendence, this apparent transgression of the normative- a kind of voluntarist cultural exile--appears in what may be termed the "new marginalism," a kind of "marginalist verse" that has been emerging with conspicuous faddishness over the past couple of decades or so (viz.
The function of law in Halpern is to act as a decoy for the "legalization" of a vicious fad--whose faddishness, in fact, is profoundly in doubt, but whose vice is indisputable.