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Bok maintains that the key problem is that neither faculties nor their deans and presidents feel the need to continuously discover better ways of educating their students, not to be confused with faddism (Birnbaum, 2000).
A history of food faddism and very restricted diets helps predict the possibility of nutrient deficiency or malnutrition.
It has been said that the United States is the land of faddism.
The aura of that time, the character of the various hippies and hash-smoking dropouts of his acquaintance, the squandering of artistic talent in drugs and faddism, all comes through.
Allegations of anti-intellectualism, pseudo-science, mysticism, self-importance, academic racketeering, and intellectual faddism were only some of the numerous and increasingly venomous criticisms leveled at the educationists.
The totally progressive orientation of the globalizing world will inevitably lead to social fragmentation and intellectual faddism.
Pollan adeptly analyzes "our national eating disorder"--cyclical food faddism, overeating, and guilt--from political, agricultural, anthropological, and evolutionary psychological perspectives.
Jarvis, "Food Faddism, Cultism, and Quackery" (1983) 3 Annual Review of Nutrition 35; Vicki S.
Covering topics including student discipline, teacher education, curriculum, the influence of John Dewey, the science of education, and the purpose of schooling, the essays capture a compelling but often overlooked body of thought that resisted the tenets of progressivism and faddism.
Yet the connection between the findings of research and the practices of educators more resembles the faddism of art or fashion than the steady progress over time characteristic of medicine, agriculture, or technology.
Food faddism refers to any dietary practice based on an exaggerated belief in the effects of nutrition on health and disease (7).