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FIR SPARK n Faddy celebrates scoring and gets a hug from Pardew, left, but Gouffran, bottom left, and Sissoko, below, give Toon victory
And he joked that had Faddy over-played his hand with one fearsome Dutch star, he might not have had the usual back-up from the rest of the squad.
Faddy, who shot to prominence in France with Scotland's glory winner this year, also has other options with Marseille keen.
We have some decent options there but I am also quite comfortable playing Faddy on the right.
David Taylor should remind the cops and Rocksteady who pays the wages, that more discretion should have been used, and if the SFA do anything but give him their public backing Faddy should tell them where to stick it.
If Faddy gets back to full fitness, he probably has another three years left in him due to three years of inactivity.
MY HERO: Faddy and Stephen; GOAL: The superfan meets Henry and Fergie
And, as Jennifer says, faddy diets are often impossible to keep up in the long term.
Head of Asset Management for GPT, Matthew Faddy, said advances in mobile technology had presented an opportunity to engage traditional shopping centre customers in a new way.
VX) has named Christopher Faddy as managing director and head of non-Japan Asia distribution for asset management, The Banking Times has reported.
Avoid faddy diets because you may lose 3st on one but you'll soon put it back on.