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Despite the many recent studies about cooperative DSCDMA systems, to the best of authors' knowledge, none of them has presented the performance of DS-CDMA based on two-hop AF relaying over symmetric and asymmetric fading channels.
In [13] performance analysis of cognitive amplify-and-forward relaying with best relay selection strategy is considered when non-identical Rayleigh fading channel is assumed.
denote the operators of mathematical expectation and variance, and r is the fading envelope.
Touch up azaleas that have fading flowers, but never cut hard at this time of year.
Assume that the channels between two nodes are subject to Rayleigh fading including fast fading and slow fading chanels.
It was staging, with Gardner, The Leaves Are Fading that renewed her association with The Washington Ballet.
Window film applied to existing glass can cost-effectively mitigate fading and heat problems.
Take it to heart that some fading is going to be expected by customers, while in other cases fading can be catastrophic.
This phenomenon, referred to as odorant fading, occurs through various mechanisms.
And the fact that FC is a disruptive technology does not mean that it is fading into the financial community's sunset.
He points out that the fading fireball lies at the edge of a fuzzy blob that remains as bright as when Hubble imaged it in March.