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In the high SNR regime, the effects of small and large-scale fading on the ergodic capacity are decoupled.
It is demonstrated that the effect of small-scale fading is canceled and the sum rate is affected by the large-scale shadowing fading and path loss.
The remainder of the paper is organized as follows: In Section 2, we introduce the D-MMO fading model and provide the definition of ergodic capacity.
The random matrix [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] captures small-scale fading, whose elements are modeled as independent and identically distributed (i.
The diagonal matrix [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] captures large-scale fading, which includes shadowing fading and path loss.
The shadowing fading is captured by coefficient [[xi].
Research of seasonal rain attenuation and radio waves fading in LOS links at 19.
This work is about signal strength fading in the medium distance broadband LOS wireless links operated at 15 GHz frequencies.
The phenomenon of signal fading can be described evaluating an impact of many atmospheric parameters.
After estimation of annual fading distributions in these links, different and mixed atmospheric parameters in corresponding terrains were analysed empirically.
In reality it is very difficult to distinguish when the signal fading originates because of the rain or multipath propagation or some other conditions.
Figure 3 shows the distribution of annual received signal strength fading that was influenced by rainfall.