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If anything strikes me in the meanwhile, the post is always at our service, and I won't fail to write to you.
But granted a prince who has established himself as above, who can command, and is a man of courage, undismayed in adversity, who does not fail in other qualifications, and who, by his resolution and energy, keeps the whole people encouraged--such a one will never find himself deceived in them, and it will be shown that he has laid his foundations well.
asked the youth, a little vexed at thinking that an accomplishment on which he prided himself would fail to make its usual impression.
Other people fail, and keep their houses, and furniture, and carriages, and such other things.
She is a year nearer unto Death; for I did not fail to see that, as she came into the shade, her shadow fell from her, and was swallowed up in the dark water, making its blackness more black.
Mrs Smith's enjoyments were not spoiled by this improvement of income, with some improvement of health, and the acquisition of such friends to be often with, for her cheerfulness and mental alacrity did not fail her; and while these prime supplies of good remained, she might have bid defiance even to greater accessions of worldly prosperity.
If he fails he will share the fate of poor Crinkle.
Glinda also knew that Ojo would fail to find all the things he sought, so she sent for our Wizard and instructed him what to do.
If the first effort failed, the following efforts were doomed to fail.
And you are so dreadfully general that I fail to follow you.
Neither relations nor friends shall prevail on me to falter and fail in my husband's cause.
Lynde would say, the sun will go on rising and setting whether I fail in geometry or not.