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"It IS true--I HAVE failed. My notes have been this day protested for ninety-five thousand dollars, and I have not ninety-five dollars in bank.
That is the very reason why I have failed. I have a great many debts, and I have no money."
And I was secretly glad when the markets failed, even if my clothes did go into pawn.
She knew that all Avonlea junior was wondering which would come out first; she even knew that Jimmy Glover and Ned Wright had a bet on the question and that Josie Pye had said there was no doubt in the world that Gilbert would be first; and she felt that her humiliation would be unbearable if she failed.
Her appetite failed and her interest in Avonlea doings languished.
If we fail, she will be a fixture at Sea View, to a dead certainty.
Ojo did not reply, but he was so dejected that even their arrival at the Emerald City failed to interest him.
Daylight failed to hoist him, for the body collapsed at the middle like a part-empty sack of corn.
Keenly as she felt this, Mercy failed, nevertheless, to conquer the horror that shook her when she thought of the impending avowal.
"If one course fails," he said, "another must be adopted.
It is the way of the Alps to deliver death to their victims with a merciful swiftness, but here the rule failed. These men suffered the bitterest death that has been recorded in the history of those mountains, freighted as that history is with grisly tragedies.
He told me that a faint stirring was occasionally still audible within the case, but that the workmen had failed to unscrew the top, as it afforded no grip to them.