fail to accommodate

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The problem of space availability has been exacerbated by outdated zoning laws which fail to accommodate the growing demand for commercial space.
The small, yet advanced urban industrial units like the power plants, fail to accommodate the locals, restricting the educated youth to the agricultural sector.
The ADA will also be violated if you fail to accommodate a deaf applicant by denying his request for a sign language interpreter during the interview process.
Syed Waqar Ali Shah's "1973 Constitution and the Conflict between Secular and Islamic Forces', suggests that both the said forces claim welfare of the masses but when it comes to actual services, both groups fail to accommodate each other.
For a growing group of consumers who understand the importance of fit, standard sizes -- small, medium, large -- fail to accommodate the significant variations in dimensions among individuals.
Afghanistan, where the two countries fumble and fail to accommodate each other, will remain the crux of Pakistan's relations with America, it noted.
And the number of buildings equipped with appropriate acoustics, unfortunately, cannot hold a large number of people and would fail to accommodate thousands of festival-goers.
The draft constitution would foresee restrictions on the eligibility for high political office, allow the military to suspend the constitution at will as well as fail to accommodate the country's ethnic diversity,'' it said.
Unfortunately, most if not all of them fail to accommodate the toxicology-related information needed for toxicogenomic studies.
Interventions may fail to accommodate individuals' racial, communal and cultural specific needs and challenges.
Domosh and Seager note the social and ecological problems that occur in developing nations when Western-style development projects fail to accommodate women's issues.
A recent report from the Center for Democracy and Technology found that several online mortgage companies fail to disclose privacy policies and most online banks fail to accommodate consumers wanting to keep their personal financial information private, thereby in violation of Gramm-Leach-Bliley.