fail to act

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References in classic literature ?
Bob Sawyer very justly observed, that there is nothing like hot punch in such cases; and that if ever hot punch did fail to act as a preventive, it was merely because the patient fell into the vulgar error of not taking enough of it.
Then perhaps the bell would jam or a brake fail to act on a hill; or the seat-pillar would get loose, and the saddle drop three or four inches with a disconcerting bump; or the loose and rattling chain would jump the cogs of the chain-wheel as the machine ran downhill, and so bring the mechanism to an abrupt and disastrous stop without at the same time arresting the forward momentum of the rider; or a tyre would bang, or sigh quietly, and give up the struggle for efficiency.
If there is a point in time that is the tipping point, we stand on it now, a perilous pinnacle that affords us a singular opportunity to make amends and meaningful change, or to fail to act.
But warm words are cold comfort to those sleeping rough if you fail to act.
Men (24%) were twice as likely as women (12%) to fail to act.
To fail to act is to fail those who need our help," he told world leaders at the United Nations general assembly in New York.
This seems straightforward, but many employees fail to act in this way.
If they fail to act, and the car is travelling at less than 15mph, the brakes will be automatically applied.
Obama added that "a bad situation could become dramatically worse", warning of an ugly future that could include widespread unemployment and EUR1trillion in lost economic activity if the government fail to act at once.
To fail to act in the case of a man who has plotted to commit a terrorist act on these shores because "he may not receive fair treatment" in his own country is ludicrous.
But it's not just people on Tyneside as the survey for camping firm, Eurocamp, showed that half of all Brits map out life changing plans, but fail to act on them once they arrive home.