fail to comply with

See: disoblige
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She is currently serving a sentence of 10 years for Manslaughter and Fail to comply with undertaking/recognizance.
The Government of Kyrgyzstan intends to recall licenses from developers of Jerooy gold deposit in Talas oblast and Taldy-Bulak gold deposit in Chui oblast in case they fail to comply with terms of the agreement.In case Jerooy developers fail to comply with the terms of the agreement until October 2009, the Government will recall their license, Igor Chudinov said during session of the parliamentary faction of the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan today.In case Taldy-Bulak developers do comply the provisions of the agreement until December 2009, the Government will recall their license too.Kazakh companies have licenses for gold mining at both deposits through their affiliations.
The Inland Revenue is relaxing its powers to impose penalties on companies that fail to comply with corporation tax instalment payment regulations.