fail to keep

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All the no-saying and no-preaching in the world will fail to keep men, and youths growing into manhood, away from John Barleycorn when John Barleycorn is everywhere accessible, and where John Barleycorn is everywhere the connotation of manliness, and daring, and great-spiritedness.
Of these laymen, who were thus invested with ecclesiastical revenues, some were men of high birth and rank, like the famous Lord James Stewart, the Prior of St Andrews, who did not fail to keep for their own use the rents, lands, and revenues of the church.
I shall drive there in my carriage at two o'clock in the afternoon for three successive days; the first day it will be drawn by four white, the second by four chestnut, and the last by four black horses; but if you fail to keep awake and I find you sleeping, I shall not be set free.
Nor did I fail to keep the promise thus made to myself.
Our greatest danger is that in the great leap from slavery to freedom we may overlook the fact that the masses of us are to live by the productions of our hands, and fail to keep in mind that we shall prosper in proportion as we learn to dignify and glorify common labour and put brains and skill into the common occupations of life; shall prosper in proportion as we learn to draw the line between the superficial and the substantial, the ornamental gewgaws of life and the useful.
But, even while engaged in this hospitable manner, the Dahcotah did not fail to keep a strict watch on the more distant party of white men, as if he still distrusted an artifice, or sought further explanation.
Shall Truth fail to keep her word, Justice Divine not hast'n to be just?
MARTIN Gray has threatened to shake up his Darlington side after seeing them fail to keep a clean sheet yet again in a 2-1 defeat at Newton Aycliffe.
For the first time in more than 30 years our children are expected to have retirement incomes which will fail to keep up with average earnings.
Too many women fail to keep weight off because they diet without exercising, which means that the weight loss is often in the form of water and muscle, rather than fat, warned Tanita.
ENGLAND is facing a housing shortage of more than three million properties by the year 2026 as building levels fail to keep up with demand, research showed today.
Now a damning report by an all-party Public Accounts Committee claims that he has dismally failed and the present removals fail to keep pace with the new numbers turned down.