fail to keep

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Of these laymen, who were thus invested with ecclesiastical revenues, some were men of high birth and rank, like the famous Lord James Stewart, the Prior of St Andrews, who did not fail to keep for their own use the rents, lands, and revenues of the church.
3 percent pay raise when their pay rose only 2% over the past five years, when they're paying more for health insurance, more into a retirement system that's fully funded, and like so many other working class Americans have seen their standard of living deteriorate as wages fail to keep pace with rising costs for groceries, medicine and other necessities.
MARTIN Gray has threatened to shake up his Darlington side after seeing them fail to keep a clean sheet yet again in a 2-1 defeat at Newton Aycliffe.
For the first time in more than 30 years our children are expected to have retirement incomes which will fail to keep up with average earnings.
Too many women fail to keep weight off because they diet without exercising, which means that the weight loss is often in the form of water and muscle, rather than fat, warned Tanita.
ENGLAND is facing a housing shortage of more than three million properties by the year 2026 as building levels fail to keep up with demand, research showed today.
Now a damning report by an all-party Public Accounts Committee claims that he has dismally failed and the present removals fail to keep pace with the new numbers turned down.
The Los Angeles Police Department is teaming with the City Attorney's Office to identify and prosecute companies that fail to keep two forms of identification on file for anyone who uses a private mailbox.
It will come as no surprise to hear though that around 29% of us fail to keep our resolutions beyond the first week of January.
Patients waste pounds 118 each time they fail to keep hospital appointments - and it is costing the NHS in Wales pounds 42 MILLION a year.
Fourth, to push for people's religious rights is so integral to historic Baptist identity that to fail to keep pushing represents an attack on the Baptist soul.
Art goes from being a synonym for excellence to being a symptom of the unease that we all feel when we fail to keep desire and awareness in balance.