fail to mention

See: omit
References in classic literature ?
Nor did Leon Guggenhammer fail to mention cognizance of that old affair.
To announce he bravely demanded a Brexit PS100million for the NHS before the meeting, then fail to mention any figure as fellow ministers rounded on him is utterly gutless.
You fail to mention that children cannot own a gun or shoot unsupervised.
06) the developers who are trying to concrete over our nice green areas and rip up our beautiful trees fail to mention that the only reason for their vision is to make a lot of money out of our community.
One cannot possibly have a discussion about the growth and success of Hospice Care Network here on Long Island and fail to mention Ken and Maryann Tully," said Richard Ranieri, of Garden City, co-chair of the golf outing committee.
They laud the United Nations' potential but fail to mention the organization's long, shameful history of abysmal failures and corruption, such as the "oil for food" program in Iraq.
You quote Republican Senator John McCain's derisive comments about his party's appalling record of fiscal irresponsibility but fail to mention that McCain is a solid Bushie, out on the campaign trail doing everything he can to get the President reelected.
It is a horrifying catalogue of the free-for-all at sea that cruise lines fail to mention to their patrons.
Of course, they fail to mention that it runs completely counter to "don't ask, don't tell.
The 1999 revised Form 5471 and instructions also fail to mention when taxpayers must begin using the new version.