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Not only did she fail to notice that the Emperor talked a long time with the French ambassador, and how particularly gracious he was to a certain lady, or that Prince So-and-so and So-and-so did and said this and that, and that Helene had great success and was honored was by the special attention of So-and-so, but she did not even see the Emperor, and only noticed that he had gone because the ball became livelier after his departure.
As one gazed at her one would fail to notice how the candle was flickering, or how the storm was swishing the snow about the courtyard.
Doubtless it would have been my interest still to meet her with the same cheerful smile and tone of respectful cordiality as before; but I could not, if I would: my manner altered with my feelings, and became so cold and shy that she could not fail to notice it.
I owe Rachel a grudge to this day for the look she cast upon me ere she departed on her mission, the sour, suspicious, inquisitorial look that plainly demanded, 'What are you here for, I wonder?' Her mistress did not fail to notice it, and a shade of uneasiness darkened her brow.
Although he could not fail to notice the languor in her face and the listlessness of all her movements, he was relieved to find that she met him with perfect composure.
'I couldn't fail to notice, Jack, that it cost you a great effort, and that you were very much moved, and very unlike your usual self.
Passing along the Osmena Highway (SLEx), northbound from Edsa to De la Rosa Street in Makati, motorists won't fail to notice the poor and destitute families dwelling underneath the Magallanes Interchange, on the center island under the Skyway, and on the fringes of the PNR railtrack.
You cannot fail to notice the huge confidence people have in their own culture in the autonomous area south of the frontier.
Or perhaps they fail to notice that if Osama bin Laden really is sauntering jauntily into Cabinet rooms he must be a dead man walking.
Summary: No one who has the misfortune to work in Downtown Beirut, or has any reason to pass through it, could fail to notice that Parliament has once again decided to meet, with the closure of the capital's center rendering everyone's journey or day even more difficult than usual.
Did all who knew this man fail to notice his estrangement?
Previously, when not on a low calorie diet, I have had to ask for food during these lengthy sessions as often everyone is so busy styling, touching up make-up, lighting etc that they fail to notice the roar coming from my stomach.