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Yet he trusted them after a fashion, because he had learned from many and devious dealings with a large assortment of people that the average human being is honest, which is to say that he does not steal his neighbor's stock nor fail to pay his just debts if given plenty of time and the conditions have the explicitness of black and white.
The court also found that Bland did not act in good faith in continuing to fail to pay overtime after the Department filed its complaint and awarded over $500,000 in liquidated damages to workers from the time of the lawsuit in 2014 to the present.
Arab News Construction workers on a site in Muscat, Oman (Shutterstock) DUBAI: The Omani government is developing a new program that will track private firms that fail to pay workers the correct wage on time.
The officials have directed the raiding teams to recover tax from the commercial and residential owners on daily basis otherwise seal their properties who fail to pay the required tax.
Business minister Nick Boles said: "Employers who fail to pay the minimum wage hurt the living standards of the lowest paid and their families.
PEOPLE could end up in a prison cell if they fail to pay their council tax.
The Government is also considering fixed penalty notices for late payment and naming and shaming employers who fail to pay out.
PEOPLE who fail to pay a fine after they have been convicted of a criminal offence could lose up to pounds 25 a week in benefits under new Government plans.
Under that scenario, if no funds were available to pay the outstanding withholding taxes when the person assumed control and became a responsible person for the companies at issue, he or she did not willfully fail to pay the companies' outstanding withholding liabilities by not paying those liabilities with funds the companies later generated.
Ian Powell, assistant director for planning and public protection said: "The minority who continue to disregard their social responsibility to other residents by failing to clean up after their dog need to be aware that they run the risk of being issued with a fixed penalty notice and being taken to court if they fail to pay it.
Prison is a proper consequence for those who fail to pay court orders.
OFFENDERS who fail to pay fines should no longer be sent to jail, top law men said yesterday.