fail to perform

See: default
References in classic literature ?
But in all contracts, if one party fail to perform his share of the compact, is not the other virtually absolved from his liability?
However, the petitioners had submitted substantial evidences regarding illegalities, committed by the returning and polling officers which proved that they did fail to perform their duties, the tribunal observed and ordered the election commission to hold re-poll in the constituencies.
All too often players fail to perform but are insulated from their lack of form by contracts that clubs, rightly, honour.
Ahead of today's Hawthorns visit of Arsenal, Robson insists his side must expect another gruelling and potentially fruitless battle to haul themselves clear of danger if they continue to fail to perform.
Now electricity companies which fail to perform could be fined.
EQC cartridges which fail to perform as specified during the first two years will be replaced at no charge.
Yet even CCDs fail to perform well at short wavelengths of light.
It is highly probable that institutions and medical staffs that fail to perform these activities in a satisfactory manner will regret their decisions, possibly too late.
Sponsors who make quarterly contributions to their defined benefit plan may fail to perform this analysis due to the plan's overfunded status.
LOSERS in love can take out a pounds 25 insurance policy paying out pounds 600 if they fail to perform in bed.