fail to understand

References in classic literature ?
Can such people fail to UNDERSTAND? Can such men fall away from reality?"
Those who hastily class him with the anarchists (or the Progressivists of the last century) fail to understand the high esteem in which he always held both law and discipline.
It was not a large amount in the beginning, he had married in debt, and I could not fail to understand, by this time, what was meant by Mr.
I fail to understand why bombarding people by regular siege is more honourable.
What I was afraid of was that everyone present, from the insolent marker down to the lowest little stinking, pimply clerk in a greasy collar, would jeer at me and fail to understand when I began to protest and to address them in literary language.
HE was NOT an engraver.' (Here Mr Sampson said, with no reason whatever, Of course not.) 'This gentleman was so obliging as to honour me with attentions which I could not fail to understand.' (Here Mr Sampson murmured that when it came to that, you could always tell.) 'I immediately announced to both my parents that those attentions were misplaced, and that I could not favour his suit.
I FAIL to understand why the Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar is not paying attention to the filthy water being supplied to consumers in Azizabad and Ghafooria Colony.
But like John Rogers I fail to understand why these particular stamps are not produced as peel-off, especially since the other stamps are, even when on a large sheet.
I fail to understand why the Health Authority has not identified the Whitchurch Hospital site as the perfect location to move into?
The worst part about vitamin deficiency is the fact that people fail to understand the importance of vitamins and physicians fail to convey to them the necessity of having balanced vitamins in their system.
We therefore fail to understand the rationale behind the amendments and feel that this has been pushed by the corporates and the interest of the poor has been ignored as a result."