fail to win

See: lose
References in classic literature ?
Good deeds never go unrewarded, nor does virtue ever fail to win the crown of divine justice, be it early or be it late.
Command the just respect of all your fellow-voyagers, even though you fail to win their friendly regard.
She tried to thrust away the too overpowering thought of her own relief, lest she should fail to win some sign that Rosamond's affection was yearning back towards her husband.
March, John and Meg, Jo and Beth, and all exulted over him with the sincere admiration which boys make light of at the time, but fail to win from the world by any after-triumphs.
Farage, who faces competition from Pub Landlord Al Murray in Kent, said: "If I fail to win South Thanet, it is curtains for me.
Ubaldo Jimenez is the only pitcher to have 15 victories at the All-Star break and fail to win 20 for the year He was 15-1 at the time of the break in 2010 for the Colorado Rockies and ended the season with a 19-8 mark.
Summary: DUBAI -- Dubai shares fell for the first time in almost a week, reversing earlier gains, after brokerages in the UAE said the nation may fail to win an emerging-market status upgrade at MSCI Inc.
WHENEVER a team who are challenging for the title fail to win a match, it is said to be a shock.
Summary: Tokyo, July 11, 2010, SPA --Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan&'s Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and its coalition partner would fail to win the 56 seats, the number needed to control the chamber, in Sunday&'s upper house election, news reports said, according.
FLORENT MALOUDA says he'll suffer the biggest blow of his career if Chelsea fail to win the Premiership.
But City can be promoted themselves if they win at Brun-ton Park, Nottingham Forest lose at home to Bournemouth and Blackpool fail to win at Cheltenham Town.