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Twenty times the gourd or the venison was suspended before his lips, while his head was turned aside, as though he listened to some distant and distrusted sounds--a movement that never failed to recall his guests from regarding the novelties of their situation, to a recollection of the alarming reasons that had driven them to seek it.
To my surprise she was beautiful; black thoughts had failed to make her expression repulsive, age had failed to wrinkle her satin skin or mar its bloomy freshness.
Lecount might along the course which she had hitherto followed, she failed to see her way through the accumulated obstacles which now barred her advance.
I have failed at Bombay, and I have failed at Calcutta; if I fail at Hong Kong, my reputation is lost: Cost what it may, I must succeed
He told me that a faint stirring was occasionally still audible within the case, but that the workmen had failed to unscrew the top, as it afforded no grip to them.
Why, I felt petrified with astonishment--although, in view of the fact that you had failed me for four days, I had been expecting some such extraordinary occurrence.
She conceived it to be an enjoyment for the senses only, or, rather, she thought nothing about it; and if the rounds failed to delight her, she unhesitatingly attributed the circumstance to an absence of melody.
Well, then, I wouldn't say a word about it--declare nothing, and let 'em find out that you have failed, in the best manner they can.
He appeared to cringe, mute, as if words had failed him through grief; then - bang
The idea which the raconteur has either failed to entertain clearly, or has sacrificed in its expression to his national love of point, is, doubtless, the very tenable one that the higher order of music is the most thoroughly estimated when we are exclusively alone.
And, as his strength Failed him at length, He met a pilgrim shadow -'Shadow,' said he,'Where can it be - Thi land of Eldorado?
Ojo did not reply, but he was so dejected that even their arrival at the Emerald City failed to interest him.