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Her appetite failed and her interest in Avonlea doings languished.
She attempted confusedly to take her handkerchief from her apron pocket, and failed to find it.
If he had been twenty years younger, those remedies might have failed him.
The rest and relief of her four days' absence from Aldborough had not failed to produce their results; she had more than recovered her composure.
It was plain to me that La Cote Male Taile had failed to see the mistress of the house.
After all, he was a little earth-maggot, just like all the other earth-maggots, like the squirrel he had eaten, like the other men he had seen fail and die, like Joe Hines and Henry Finn, who had already failed and were surely dead, like Elijah lying there uncaring, with his skinned face, in the bottom of the boat.
If the first effort failed, the following efforts were doomed to fail.
The rifle had fallen across his knees, and an attempt to lift it to his shoulder failed.
Her speech failed her; her heart throbbed faster and faster.
The courage to put the critical question to him, now that she had lured him into remaining in the room, was still a courage that failed her.
I failed to find Lord Hilton at his house, but I was told he was expected from London by the six o'clock train from Waterloo; and as it was then about a quarter past five, I went home, had some tea, and walked up to the station to waylay him.