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If I fail I'm ready to be sliced thin and fed to the seven-headed dogs."
That is the very reason why I have failed. I have a great many debts, and I have no money."
"But if you fail? You must consider me as well, Martin."
Moody Spurgeon still thinks he failed in history and Charlie says he failed in algebra.
My hand was on my friend's arm, but she failed for the moment, confronted with such an account of the matter, to respond to my pressure.
"You shan't complain of me, if I can help it." She attempted confusedly to take her handkerchief from her apron pocket, and failed to find it.
It was plain to me that La Cote Male Taile had failed to see the mistress of the house.
"How can I?" asked the boy, "when all my attempts to save my dear uncle have failed?"
Elijah took heart of hope, though he was cast down again when Daylight failed to find another clump of willows.
ABSORBED in herself, Mercy failed to notice the opening door or to hear the murmur of voices in the conservatory.
It is the way of the Alps to deliver death to their victims with a merciful swiftness, but here the rule failed. These men suffered the bitterest death that has been recorded in the history of those mountains, freighted as that history is with grisly tragedies.
He told me that a faint stirring was occasionally still audible within the case, but that the workmen had failed to unscrew the top, as it afforded no grip to them.