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If a party fails to comply with a discovery order, the Board can review the discovery orders at the end of the proceeding or on an interlocutory basis under Rule 263.
Even RAID 6 typically allows only two drives to fail before losing all data in the RAID set.
When the primary system power fails, the voltage on the VDD pin will drop.
If any one of the groups fails to make its "adequate yearly progress" target for two years in a row (and it can be a different sub-group from one year to the next), the whole school is graded a failure.
This is most apparent when an advertisement fails to reveal a key fact that materially changes the favorable impression it conveys.
If a school fails to meet performance objectives for two consecutive years, then it must receive technical assistance from the district to help it improve, and its students will have the option to transfer to another public school in the district.
If a school fails to meet annual state test-score goals for two years, students can transfer to another public school in the district.
Since teachers are paid to provide an effective learning program for students, when even one student fails in that program, there is clear evidence that the learning program paid for was not effective for that student.
For example, a ninth-grader who fails a semester of English 9, healthful living or science - all required for graduation - will not be promoted to the 10th grade until those failures have been made up.
These numbers include both fails to deliver and their offsetting fails to receive, so that the number thus doubles the amount involved (i.
A single penalty will apply to a taxpayer that fails to (1) attach Form 8886 to an original or amended return and (2) provide a copy of Form 8886 to the OTSA.
It combines striping (distributing data across several drives) with a series of codes (parity) that allows operations to continue with no data loss by using parity coding if a single drive fails.