failure to agree

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But his failure to agree a bout with the IBF's mandatory challenger saw him stripped of the title on Thursday.De la Hoya said the decision "validates already existing concerns about the credibility of the IBF championship".
Both the television network and AT&T hurled accusations at each other for failure to agree on what CBS is paid for programming.
Speaking at the group's summer reception in Parliament, Mr Cherry said the failure to agree a Brexit deal in the Commons was "just another chapter in what has been a litany of failures during the Brexit process", and said business owners wanted to see the Government secure a pro-business withdrawal from the EU so Ministers could concentrate on issues such as late payments and the growing burden of tax and other costs.
Summary: Israel's energy minister voiced frustration Friday with what he claimed was Lebanon's failure to agree to U.S.-mediated talks on setting the maritime border between the two countries, suggesting that Hezbollah was applying pressure on Beirut.
On Monday, the aviation workers said they would strike over the airline's failure to agree with its employees on special pay and working conditions for the long-haul flight.
Reports in Belgium earlier in the week claimed Sels was left "deeply disappointed" by Newcastle's failure to agree a price with Anderlecht.
In the end with a failure to agree caretaker chief ministers for Punjab and Balochistan the matter was referred to the Election Commission for Pakistan (ECP) as is the constitutional provision.
Guterres made his comments to Security Council's five permanent members following the council's failure to agree on a response to an alleged chemical attack in Syria's Douma over the weekend that has triggered global fury.
Bwi It is understood Spurs will off-load Alderweireld in the summer after the club's failure to agree a new contract with him.
1937) Being and Event in 1988, says Watkin, the non-communicable nature of philosophy due to its internal rift, its failure to agree on its conditions, and its abandonment of its ontological foundations, suddenly appeared less dramatic.
After failure to agree on the best course of action for Charlie while he was alive, his parents and medics were unable to agree on how he should die.
Download Ogassapian: Failure to agree on election law will lead to vacuum NNA - State Minister Jean Ogassapian on Wednesday warned that the failure to reach an agreement over an election law would drag the country into the unknown and vacuum.