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And in the statement to BBC Scotland ahead of its documentary, Lies, Laws and the Bin Lorry Tragedy, he defended his failure to answer questions at a fatal accident inquiry.
The public dislike the noise, the point-scoring and the perceived failure to answer the questions.
SERVICE: TURN OVER BIRMINGHAM PUB BOMBINGS: BIRMINGHAM MP John Hemming is threatening to lodge a formal complaint against West Midlands Police over their failure to answer questions about the pub bombings that killed 21 people and injured hundreds more.
The two overarching questions are: what will HIV eradication efforts achieve What are the reasons for the outcome, be it partial success or partial failure To answer these questions, a multi-sited ethnography will be conducted in Africa, Europe and North America of the science and politics of HIV eradication.
Although some medical laboratories may subscribe to the strategy to simply sit back and wait for the FDA to put guidelines in place, it's widely acknowledged that failure to answer key questions now could spell disruption of a laboratory's delivery of LDT test results to clients, not to mention triggering financial chaos and possibly subjecting the lab to enforcement action by the FDA, a very powerful federal agency.
The Legia owner also blasted Celtic for their failure to answer correspondence from the Poles before the UEFA decision.
According to reports, militants singled out non-Muslims and killed them after their failure to answer questions about Islam.
Their glib, shallow facile, sanctimonious self-serving failure to answer perfectly straightforward questions" Broadcaster John Humprhys on Jeremy Paxman "I and the designers see it as a temple of death, a gladiatorial arena.
Roisin Kerri Taylor, 25, of Gresham Road, Middlesbrough, jailed for 16 weeks for theft, failure to attend a follow-up appointment and failure to answer bail.
She became speaker following emergence of political differences between executive and the house in 2011 after some members voted to impeach former minister of Finance, Ronald Ruay Deng, allegedly over failure to answer questions relating to irregularities observed in the 2011 budget expenditures.
DETECTIVES investigating an alleged conspiracy to defraud more than pounds 5 million through a series of betting scams have released the name and photograph of a Sussex man they are seeking to arrest after his failure to answer police bail.
The United States has gradually tightened sanctions due to Iran's failure to answer questions about its nuclear program, which Washington and its allies suspect is a cover to develop nuclear weapons.