failure to answer

See: default
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Risa Hontiveros asked Faeldon if he would stay on at his post despite his blunders and failure to answer even simple questions about his duties.
a) failure to answer Tenderers% questions submitted after the deadline,
Al-Qallaf accused Al-Jarallah of undue treatment of national expertise, as well as administrative, financial, and human rights violations, and wasting public funds, and was also criticized for failure to answer parliamentary questions.
After conducting our independent review of the matter, we agree with the referee that, based on Attorney Burton's failure to answer the complaint filed by the Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR), the OLR is entitled to a default judgment.
The Commissioner determined that a default judgment will not be disturbed unless the failure to answer or otherwise appear and defend was excusable under the circumstances and unless the defendant has a meritorious defense, either to the cause of action itself, or to the quantum of damages.
This followed his failure to answer questions about the money he lent when he appeared before the Oireachtas sports committee on Wednesday.
THE Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Sunday declared a former Director-General of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), Ambassador Ayodele Oke and his wife, Folasade, wanted following their failure to answer for fraud charges filed against them.
Linda's life hung in the balance but fortunately for the retired nurse, her hairdresser of eight years, Trudi Stables, had grown increasingly concerned about her failure to answer messages and eventually turned up at her home five days later.
The IRS considers a taxpayer's failure to produce requested documents and failure to answer questions as an attempt to obstruct the examinations.
Social media is rife with speculations over why PTI transferred him- some of them quite incredulous, including the rumour that Senator Azam Swati had the IGP transferred because of his failure to answer his phone call.
The insurer alleges that due to Maybank's failure to answer the requests in a timely fashion, as well as its belief the district court was unikely to admit the answers, it settled the suit for $900,000.