failure to notice

See: oversight
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The video which was posted on Weibo has emerged recently and has since gone viral for the wife's failure to notice her husband had fallen from the car.
The government's culpability is aggravated by gross negligence, for failure to notice the 'red flag' when madaris proliferated in Morolandia teaching principally Islam as religion and culture and excluding Philippine history and social science (lately, reform toward this end was instituted).
This has been responsible for our failure to notice what has been taking place in the region throughout the recent period.
Failure to notice and register what we observe can be a conduit to "poor personal decisions, organizational crises and societal disasters," writes Max Bazerman, co-director of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School.
Bilodeau received a three-year suspension for failure to notice or do a thorough search; he must also pass a re-test of his abilities before being reinstated.
What makes researchers particularly interested in people's failure to notice words that actually don't make sense, so called semantic illusions, is that these illusions challenge traditional models of language processing which assume that we build understanding of a sentence by deeply analysing the meaning of each word in turn.
Momii's failure to notice his mistake of confusing Flight 958 and Flight 907 and to correct his instruction constituted professional negligence.
It's ironic the Broadway community, via the Tonys, has chosen once again not to honor Lane, because it's this very same group that continually laments the media's failure to notice the theater except when film and TV stars go slumming there.
Failure to notice an obvious typographical error led her to claim that "circa 1535, still over three decades before outright iconoclasm in the Netherlands, the .
Mr Murphy said: "The defendant's failure to notice the car is indicative of a significant lack of concentration.
Alan Murphy, prosecuting, said: "His failure to notice the car is indicative of a significant lack of concentration.
However, the FA's disciplinary panel have the power to take additional action if they wish, while Clattenburg's apparent failure to notice what Van Persie insisted was a stamp on the side of his head by the Togo star, leaves the way free for an immediate charge, which would place a massive question mark over Adebayor's availability for Sunday's Manchester derby at Old Trafford.
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