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Fain added that RCL has likewise pledged to espouse ocean conservation among its five million guests yearly: Essentially they're seeing the ocean and so it's a wonderful opportunity to recruit each and every one of them to join this never-ending effort to try and do better.
Friday night, nine Worcester East Middle students stood with Fain atop Mount Willard above Crawford Notch in New Hampshire's White Mountains.
Sometimes, the problem is tied to the data collection itself being the goal, Fain says, instead of the goal being the collection of specific actionable insights for the benefit of private brand programs.
Mwynhewch ei ddiwylliant eang a'i hiwmor cynnil wrth gydgerdded y Lon Fain.
In Israel, Professor Fain continued to struggle to improve the life of Jews in the Soviet Union.
Fain constantly presents us with bewildering setups that contradict any familiar chain of cause and effect, forcing us to question what we take for granted.
The exciting thing about tablets is that they are completely portable, they can be moved from truck to truck, driver to driver," Fain affirms.
We compared postcranial remains of the mammoth from Fain Ranch Locality to those of other mammoths from Yavapai County (Museum of Northern Arizona MNA P1.
Fain thinks considerable uncertainties remain about likely booking levels in the third and fourth quarters.
Matthew Kasindorf, a partner at Meister Seelig & Fain and the chairman of the firm's real estate department, and Jarett Fain and Brian Cooper, both co-chief executives of Kensington Vanguard National Land, organized the event.
Una nueva especie del genero Geomylichus Fain, 1970, de isla Cerralvo: Baja California Sur, Mexico.