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Off we started again in the direction from which the faint murmur seemed to come, groping our way as before along the rocky walls.
- a drop from that phial in the medicine-chest - and his faint would carry him into eternity.
I saw huge buildings rise up faint and fair, and pass like dreams.
Suddenly Clayton heard the faint report of a firearm--a single shot, and then silence.
I saw it in the deadly color of her skin; I felt it in the faint, quick flutter of her pulse.
Thus in sleep, in a fever, in madness, or in any very violent emotions of soul, our ideas may approach to our impressions; as, on the other hand, it sometimes happens, that our impressions are so faint and low that we cannot distinguish them from our ideas.
Bergstrom faint? And it only touched her in the face.
All at once she turned round, threw up her hands, and fell down in a faint. I could not see what else happened just then, for Mimi had thrown herself on her knees beside her and hid her from me.
At the moment the steward made his faint lip-noise--so faint that he could not hear it himself and was almost for wondering whether or not he had made it; so faint that the Shortlands planter did not dream that he was making it.
Then, stopping to look back once or twice, he slunk off among the bushes to the right of me, and I heard the swish of the fronds grow faint in the distance and die away.
A faint flush appeared on his pale face as he drew back while Horace carried her to the sofa.
There was a solemn pause--a shout--a flapping of wings--a faint click.