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She's fainted, or dead,' I thought: 'so much the better.
At the horror of these sights and sounds, the maid fainted.
It frightened poor Lilla so that she trembled, and after a bit got so pale that I thought she had fainted.
I nearly fainted myself," he said; but she felt that her attitude repelled him.
For a moment the lioness remained quiet with intense gaze directed upon the flitting Esmeralda, whose goal appeared to be the cupboard, into which she attempted to propel her huge bulk; but as the shelves were but nine or ten inches apart, she only succeeded in getting her head in; whereupon, with a final screech, which paled the jungle noises into insignificance, she fainted once again.
Jane Porter saw the great form disappear from the window, and then she, too, fainted, the revolver falling at her side.
As far as I understand," he said, "you appear to take it for granted that no innocent woma n would have fainted on first seeing you.
At that time a hero monkey came to side of his fainted friend and showed amazing performance to bring him into life.
The last time I had a test at the Dearne Valley Health Centre in Scissett, 20 years ago, my doctor had to catch me as I fainted from the needle.
Islamabad -- Four workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) landed in hospital on Sunday after they fainted due to generator gas leak.
ALL OK: Amelia Lily Oliver reassured fans that all is well after rumours circulated online that she had fainted on stage
Clinical director of the Independent General Practice answers your medical queries Q Last week I fainted in work.