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The workers - identified as Mian Muneer, his son Noman, Habib Ullah and Manzoor -were found fainted inside their camp in the morning.
The results suggested that in the twin pairs, both identical twins were more likely to have fainted than both fraternal twins.
Social network sites were buzzing with claims that the teenager - who suffers from diabetes - fainted while performing in the X Factor tour at the Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield.
Now that you have fainted once, you need to be mindful of the symptoms in future just in case.
Some of the NCC cadets who fainted said they had assembled at the stadium at 7 am for the parade.
In this study of 1,525 children with syncope, 111 children fainted as a result of their hair being groomed.
PARAMEDICS were called to meet a plane landing at London Heathrow airport yesterday after several passengers fainted during the flight.
Her UK publicist Chris Goodman said: "She fainted at home and they took her in for observation, mainly to do with her medication to check everything was OK.
The pilot had reportedly fainted three times in 12 years.
PRESIDENT George W Bush fainted at the White House after choking on a pretzel while watching an American football game on TV.