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The sun was just casting his last glorious rays on the horizon, and the excitement grew greater as the strokes of the bell became fainter and fainter, and with the mad crowd of men and beast mixed together upon it, the road might be compared with the tide entering the mouth of a running river.
His father, Lewis, spotted the fainter component of the pair, NGC 6622, the same evening.
Furthermore, NASA also shared that they're having a hard time classifying the planet's sun as a star, since it is 10,000 times fainter than ours.
A penumbral lunar eclipse can be a bit hard to see as the shadowed part is only a little bit fainter than the rest of the Moon.
Mars, which reached peak brightness in May and June, is fainter now but still clearly visible in the south-southwest after darkness falls.
John Fainter, president and CEO of the Association of Electric Companies of Texas, bristles at any suggestion that monopoly utilities offer Texans better deals, but agrees that the competitive market is rapidly evolving and consumers are getting used to it.
then the others, fainter and fainter, till you're not sure
The shower peaks the night of August 12-13, but the bright moon that night will likely interfere with viewing some of the fainter meteors.
The curve indicates a general increase from about magnitude 8 in late January 2013, peaking at slightly fainter than magnitude 4 in late March, and then fading to magnitude 8 again by late May.
Dr Graham Smith, Director of the University of Birmingham's Observatory, said: "Our students can now peer much further back in time towards the beginning of the universe, and also study much fainter objects in the local universe than was previously possible.
THIS week I want to tell you about how to make the best out of your eyesight and how to see some of the fainter things in the night sky, with or without a telescope.
However, viewing was a little difficult as the waning moon washed out the fainter meteors.