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A Seattle-based company, 33 Fainting Spells was founded four years ago by choreographers Dayna Hanson and Gaelen Hanson.
Scientists know that the baroreflex often begins to fail with age, leading to dizziness, fainting spells and even stroke.
Seventy-five students have collapsed at a Ratanakkiri high school in a series of fainting spells over the last week that have baffled school officials and health workers.
Fainting occurs when the blood supply to your brain is inadequate, which causes you to lose consciousness.
FAINTING seems to affect young people more, often when the body is going through change.
A tilt test is used to diagnose faints by reproducing your symptoms of dizziness or fainting under controlled conditions.
When she came to seconds later , Westlife's Shane appeared concerned but said: "We're used to girls fainting.
US President George W Bush suffered cuts and bruises yesterday after choking on a pretzel and fainting.