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Blooms of calla lily, or Zantedeschia aethiopica, are faintly scented and this attracts bees, responsible for pollinating.
He even heard Gallardo faintly shouting for help but he could not find a way inside, as fire already quickly engulfed the house, Varona said.
For years amateur astronomers have seen and photographed a thin, faintly pink- or purple-colored ribbon that runs east-to-west southward of the northern lights.
My age lines are not etched in ink marks deep, But with soft pencil point faintly shaded As though the kindly years have been asleep, And my bloom of youth but slightly faded.
CONSUMER confidence made a healthy jump in March as shoppers turned "faintly bullish" amid the prospect of wage rises and movement on Brexit.
The film's overly sentimental heart is in the right place, bringing together a homegrown cast for a tale of triumph against adversity and a community spirit that faintly echoes the The Full Monty.
It's an oddly simple, faintly sinister, scatty little folk ballad built for the campfire - complete with a supremely catchy refrain.
From the ridge line around the city, I could faintly see the Mediterranean Sea glimmering in the distance.
VVFAINTLY should have the race run to suit back on the all-weather 8.40 Wolverhampton It's probably worth ignoring Faintly's effort switched to turf at Catterick last time as that track is all wrong for his come-from-behind style and he is likely to prove much more dangerous back on the all-weather, where he has won three times and finished second from 12 starts.
This adds a blade's edge of excitement, subversion, and self-scuttle that makes each indulgence criminal, though faintly, and allows the "limited means individual" to savor the pleasures and anxieties of both perpetrator and victim, a real roundhouse of utility thrown in for the price.
Grey God, Tug of War, Attivo, Irish Lake Glimpsed faintly through time's mists, New Brig, Border Minstrel, Even Say, Outbreak The brave are now only lists.
Just hours later it already seems faintly surreal, but a serving US President has not only just visited Wales for the first time, he also came to our great capital city - and rightly praised our nation's natural beauty and "wonderful" people.