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But I want to be coerced, another crime for the list, and I am intelligent enough to hawk down into this blonde-wood inferno and cherry-pick good items, and unforeseen combinations of such, and therefore rise above my position as a "limited means individual," not by impressing others with my purchases per se, but by buttressing my own faintly criminal attitude toward myself by looking and feeling sleeker at a faintly dangerous cost.
Instead of forks of lightning, Martian lightning bursts (artist's conception shown) would cover a wide area and glow faintly like the light in a neon tube, the researchers say.
I've no idea yet what's going on in this faintly disturbing, faintly fascinating world created by Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton.
THE day had a brilliance beyond belief, The atmosphere sharp and intoxicating, It etched itself on to all my living senses, Memories, so long hidden surfacing, The brook running from the tarn bubbled Faintly, its little cascades alive in the New dawn, Up the rise, the mighty loch was awesome, I picked up a stone, and weighed it in my hand, Perfect; It fitted into the curves of thumb and forefinger, I faced the silver-surface, bent side on and Whipped my wrist, It sped and struck the perfect sheen not once - Twice-thrice-again-again-again-again-again Into circles into oblivion.
FAINTLY Drawn Lines is the exhibition now on at Wolstenholme Projects.
THERE'S something faintly pathetic about George Osborne taking his begging bowl on his hols.
The heart of the fragrance is faintly floral, hinting at sweetness with notes of lily of the valley, orange blossom and jasmine.
Why else have the europhiles always fled anything that looks even faintly democratic?
The soft, colorful, and faintly impressionistic art style adds the perfect dollop of gentle warmth to this wonderful story, ideal for bedtime reading.
I FIND these continuing episodes of the Slash/CIA/Cardiff council saga faintly ridiculous to be honest.
Jamie, 25, said: "It was as a joke between my friends over somethingwe found amusing and faintly disgusting.
It came with a heap of faintly curried sweet potato fries.