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Image after image reinforces the fact that amateurs are reaching heights of resolution and depths of faintness as never before.
In contrast, the faintness of more distant galaxies and quasars makes it all but impossible for astronomers to assess large-scale clustering far beyond the Milky Way -- at least when using visible light.
This causes tingling around the lips and can lead to pins and needles, dizziness, faintness and panic attacks.
The diminutive size and extreme faintness of these galaxies result from their staggering distance -- over 1 billion light-years away.
The faintness of Uranian auroras made the search harder still.
VICTIMS experience disorientation, a rapid pulse, sweating and faintness at the sight or even the mere thought of guns.
Commonly observed panic symptoms are heart palpitations, dizziness and faintness.
4-inch, but their faintness through the small lens robs them of pep.
It involves repeated episodes of sudden, unpredictable, intense fear accompanied by symptoms such as heart palpitations, chest pain, faintness and the sense that one is about to die or go crazy.
What and when you eat can help enormously to combat PMS in general, and fatigue, constipation, faintness and dizziness in particular.
The gossamer ring at first went unnoticed because of its faintness in early versions of images made with Voyager's vidicon camera system.
Severe panic attacks create physical symptoms such as dizziness, choking, chest pain, palpitations and faintness.