fair expectation

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After this service is completed, it is a fair expectation that there will be the correct level of support to enable the return to Civvy Street.
Maybe that is setting the bar too high, but given the quality of the other plays I had attended it was a fair expectation.
Last season Iqbal came up just short of 1,000 runs and collected 30 wickets while in the Premiership, so it is a fair expectation for him to at least match that in the Conference divisions.
Given this external improvement, there is also a fair expectation that UK activities like manufacturing, exports and business investment will experience far better times in 2004 and 2005 than has been the case for three or four years.
It's a fair expectation to have him back by Opening Day.
So it would have been a fair expectation back then in 1969 that by now in 2009 we would have Moon bases where we could take well-earned Lunar vacations.
The supporters will think that we won't struggle this season and that's a fair expectation," Smith says.
In fact, this might be a realistic and fair expectation given the crisis-ridden world economic situation.
6% of those questioned recorded an increase in lending in 2010 compared to 2009, and some lenders indicated that 2011 has begun with fair expectations in terms of growth in volume, which will be sustained by the recovery in credit demand, especially in the mortgage loan segment.
only earned "C" grades based on how well the standards met criteria including if the standards had clear and fair expectations by grade level, and if the standards were organized in a sensible way, showing logical progression from grade to grade and easily navigated so teachers and parents could understand them.
So for living up to fair expectations, albeit not exceeding them, Hahn has earned a somewhat generous B.