fair expectation

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It is not a fair expectation from the Pakistan Economy, so the new Guard Dr.
After all it was a fair expectation from him to appoint his own team, assess the economic situation, come up with a clear plan and then stick to it.
Van Dijk was meant to be the man to solidify the defence, to usher in a side primed for a tilt at trophies on all four fronts; given the evidence of his six-month spell so far, it was a fair expectation.
"But I don't think this is a fair expectation and 98 per cent of the GAA fraternity would feel the same.
"To get higher returns than debt funds with a moderate risk appetite then a fair expectation is to invest in mutual funds," Feroz Azeez, certified financial planner, Anand Rathi told Zeebiz.
But, given that sophisticated gadgets like jammers are accessible to those holding the exam, it is a fair expectation that the job be done without causing embarrassment to students.
After this service is completed, it is a fair expectation that there will be the correct level of support to enable the return to Civvy Street.
Maybe that is setting the bar too high, but given the quality of the other plays I had attended it was a fair expectation. Sadly Le Prince Sequestre failed to deliver.
It's a fair expectation, given that Edmunds.com publishes one of the most popular websites for used-car buyers.
Madoff's legal representative Ira Sorkin said that it was "a fair expectation" that his client would plead guilty.
Madoff's legal representative Ira Sorkin said it was "a fair expectation" that Madoff, who is accused of a masterminding a massive Ponzi scheme, would plead guilty at a New York court on Thursday.
Ira Sorkin, Madoff's defence attorney, told a US judge on Tuesday that there is a "fair expectation" his client will plead guilty to directing a $50bn fraud scheme when he appears for a court hearing on Thursday.