fair prospect

See: likelihood
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Her smile however changed to a sigh when she remembered that promise to Willoughby was yet unfulfilled, and feared she had that to communicate which might again unsettle the mind of Marianne, and ruin at least for a time this fair prospect of busy tranquillity.
most ancient occupation of the human mind and has a fair prospect of
We hauled off one evening to the buoys at the dock-gates, ready to go out, and with a fair prospect of beginning the voyage next day.
Quicksilver then gave him some further advice how to behave, and bidding him be bold and prudent, again assured him that, powerful as Circe was, he would have a fair prospect of coming safely out of her enchanted palace.
But suddenly all his fair prospects were darkened over.
Closely related to the smart handicapper Pete The Feat, fencing will ultimately be his game, but the selection remains a fair prospect who will relish this trip.
Bred to be better as he matures, Scottish Vespers was plenty green enough and normal improvement from that debut makes him a fair prospect, despite not holding any big-race entries at this stage.
After looking a fair prospect in bumpers, the fiveyear-old met a smart one in Ballyrock on his hurdling debut at Hereford in December.
He was never able to get in a blow at Prestbury Park, but having dropped back in class to win subsequently at Perth, this five-year-old remains a fair prospect.
This has brought a fair prospect for Interpublic to divest a portion of their position for net cash proceeds of $133 million in a private negotiation.
The six-year-old looked a fair prospect when he ran well behind Galway Hurdle winner Farmer Brown at this venue last year.
BELANAK - appeared a fair prospect when keeping on to finish on the heels of the placed horses in the TA-mile maiden at Windsor, after twice being switched across the track in the home straight.