fair sample

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I suppose this child is about a fair sample of what thousands of your heathen are."
"The metropolis, I imagine, is a pretty fair sample of the rest."
The assault he had pleaded guilty of was atrocious and unprovoked, and if he were a fair sample of a striking teamster, the only wise thing for Oakland to do was to break up the union and drive every member from the city.
A sample, a fair sample, of the antic tricks we cut up on the beach of Manatomana.
This is a fair sample of the author's style, which can be quite delightful (I am planning to adopt the adjective 'fugal') but often 'excessive to' lucid exposition.
Apparently, Keyamo has no earthly clue that scientific opinion polls base their snapshots and predictions on something called sampling and that 1,000 is a fair sample to make predictive statements about potential voting behaviours.
Practices with fewer than 10 reviews on NHS Choices were not considered, to ensure a fair sample of views.
The review of the surveys and annual compensation reports should include consideration of the following: o Whether the surveys used enough, reliable comparative data to be useful for all the compensation elements being assessed; o Whether better data were available; and o Whether the contractors and/or Departments definition of the labor market includes a fair sample of public and private sector employers and jobs, including areas outside the Denver metropolitan area, as required by Section 24-50-104(4)(a), C.R.S.
Unlike with a general election, there will be no exit poll, as experts say it is impossible to take a fair sample as there is no previous referendum in recent years to compare it to.
No exit poll, as experts say it is impossible to take a fair sample with no referendum in recent years to compare it to.
"For the first time we will have a fair sample of what is out there, where it is, how it is moving, how [dark] matter is distributed, where and when stars formed, and where and when the chemical elements of which we are made were created," says Gerry Gilmore, U.K.
In addition, the novels represent a fair sample of the range of his writing, both in subject matter and style.