fair treatment

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Migrant workers like all workers are entitled to fair treatment and fair treatment for migrant workers is also key to preserving the social fabric of our societies and to sustainable development
BEIRUT: Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai Thursday called for justice and fair treatment of inmates and expressed grave concern over the conditions of prisoners of various Lebanese prisons.
Primarily, the BSP stresses on "disclosure and transparency", and fair treatment which will make compliance to transparency strict.
But fair treatment for tourists and visitors based on their race, religion or national origin and protecting our homeland are not mutually exclusive and in fact are part of the ethos of what makes the United States a magnet for people seeking freedom and opportunity.
The question has been submitted by Shura Council member Faisal Fulad, who wants to know steps taken to ensure they get fair treatment.
A NATIONAL park authority has launched an equality scheme to ensure fair treatment for all in the organisation.
THOUSANDS of retired Gurkha soldiers were to gather outside Parliament today to campaign for justice and fair treatment.
The so-called Military Covenant guarantees personnel fair treatment in return for putting their lives on the line.
Miller reckons refs' decisions are swayed by the huge vocal support that follows Rangers and Celtic so getting in the whistler's face was the only way to receive fair treatment.
They feel directly threatened, and they're willing to go AWOL at work and risk their livelihood to demand fair treatment.
I have worked for multinational corporations and have received more just and fair treatment from them than from the church-run school system.