fair treatment

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It was seldom he got as fair treatment as from this last farmer, and so as time went on he learned to shun the houses and to prefer sleeping in the fields.
So far, with the single exception of the attack made upon him, they had no reason to believe that they might not receive fair treatment from their captors, and so he reasoned that it might be wiser to avoid antagonizing them until such a time as he became thoroughly convinced that their intentions were entirely hostile.
But fair treatment for tourists and visitors based on their race, religion or national origin and protecting our homeland are not mutually exclusive and in fact are part of the ethos of what makes the United States a magnet for people seeking freedom and opportunity.
A NATIONAL park authority has launched an equality scheme to ensure fair treatment for all in the organisation.
THOUSANDS of retired Gurkha soldiers were to gather outside Parliament today to campaign for justice and fair treatment.
They feel directly threatened, and they're willing to go AWOL at work and risk their livelihood to demand fair treatment.
I have worked for multinational corporations and have received more just and fair treatment from them than from the church-run school system.
Balser, national chairperson of the Anti-Defamation League, a group which says it aims to stop the defamation of Jewish people, and to secure justice and fair treatment to ali citizens alike.
Remembering Roger Williams" (page 53) analyzes the legacy of the colonial religious dissenter and advocate of fair treatment of Native Americans.
Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, a Paiute Indian, worked for fair treatment of her people and wrote their first history.
Rudnick spent more than an hour explaining the laws that generally govern what proposals require bargaining by cities with their police officers' union for them to be implemented, and the laws that ensure fair treatment of individual employees undergoing a disciplinary process.