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However, fair-dealing with her, cruel as it might seem at the time, was the best and safest course for the future.
You are candid, honest, open-hearted, fair-dealing men!
Access Copyright, which applied the fair-dealing test to photocopies of textbooks and other copyrighted works that teachers distribute to their classrooms for instruction.
The chapter on libraries, for example, explains that most of what librarians do--from collecting and preserving material to loaning, circulating, and allowing users to copy it--falls under section 29 of the Act, the general fair-dealing clause, which simply states that "fair dealing for the purpose of research or private study does not infringe copyright." Section 30.2, added to the legislation at a late stage because of pressure from publishers, is a labyrinth of further provisos specifying which of a librarian's actions would or would not constitute infringement; but Murray and Trosow highlight the Supreme Court's ruling that fair dealing comes first.