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They recognize the power of selfish, egocentric thinking in their own thought and actively work to become fair-minded persons --concerned as much with the rights and needs of others as they are of their own--when making and acting upon decisions.
Herein, we learn how six extraordinary leaders from South Africa, Guatemala, Northern Ireland, Israel, Chile, and Czechoslovakia sat down with their enemies, forged fair-minded agreements, and led their societies to peace.
Certainly Harry was against the ordination of women, but he was also fair-minded enough to recognize that others felt differently and to support Ann in her journey.
I am not a natural Labour voter, but I am a fair-minded person and I do recognise the horror of what this coalition are doing to the poorest people in Britain.
The Jordanian government said in a statement, that "this decision triggers the resentment of Muslims and all fair-minded and reasonable people in the civilized world, is considered a violation for the sanctity of places of worship which are protected by international conventions and is a void decision that lacks legal legitimacy because it has been issued by an occupation authority which does not have any jurisdiction over 'Awqaf' endowments," KUNA reported.
As is obvious to any fair-minded reader, their letters made no effort to deal sensibly with the topic.
Answer: Any fair-minded person of independent thought because they will understand the principal of the working man protecting his and his family's livelihood against the reduction in their wages and, soon to follow, an attack on their terms and conditions.
Again, a fair-minded observer can't help but conclude that once you clear away the few noisy and irrelevant voices that can be found in any movement, tea party activists are primarily about reducing the size and role of government, re-emphasizing the central role of the Constitution, and empowering ordinary citizens to have a greater voice in their own governance.
He is very fair-minded and knows where he is going in life.
In his recent commencement address at the University of Notre Dame, President Obama called for greater understanding on all sides and "open hearts, open minds and fair-minded words" on the issue of abortion.
I'm sure that like all fair-minded citizens Mr Williams will have been overjoyed by the Government's defeat last Wednesday when MPs voted to allow ALL retired Gurkhas to settle in Britain.
Clearly he is in a job where he has at times done unpopular things, but whatever the case, I always found him to be fair-minded.