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Judge Rivlin said his late colleague was "in every way a decent, hardworking and supremely fair-minded man.
HAVING a fair-minded boss who listens can reduce the risk of heart disease among office workers, new findings suggest.
As for the League of the South--a group that has been repeatedly denounced by white supremacist organizations--I simply refer fair-minded readers to Tom DiLorenzo's article "Why They Hate Tom Woods," archived at LewRockwell.
Dawson is not the first scholar to trace the rise and eventual ossification of revolutionary indigenismo, or "indigenism," but he writes from a strikingly fair-minded vantage point and refuses to flatten out the complexities of indigenist initiatives or of native people's response to them.
He added that the NGRC was the body that had ``charged'' Flaherty with breaking the rules of racing and ``a fair-minded and informed observer'' would also have been left with ``a lingering concern'' that Melville's presence ``might have led to a lack of impartiality among the stewards''.
Perhaps too much has already been written on New Delhi and on Edwin Lutyens,' he begins, but this is a valuable addition to the literature by presenting a modern Indian view of British imperialist architecture while being impressively fair-minded.
Religious groups certainly have the right to employ staff who share their faith tenets, but rank discrimination using public funds is repugnant to all fair-minded Americans.
While his even-handed description of conditions under Israeli occupation and Palestinian resistance is unlikely to please partisans of either side in the ongoing conflict, and many readers will remain unconvinced by his proposed solution of the crime, Fox's narrative is fair-minded and judicious.
Tavuzzi's clear and fair-minded biography is a wonderful contribution to understanding the life and times of Sylvester Prierias.
Ashdown has always been a fair-minded man but this shows just how worried the main parties
I am confident that fair-minded Americans will see it as an unfair and unjust attack -indeed, tactically stupid.