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“This is an excellent value-add investment that provides Fairlead the opportunity to create value for the building's ownership partners through our leasing, property management and asset management services.
This essentially means that the spar hull is physically linked with mooring lines at fairleads provided by six nonlinear springs.
These are conditions by which the vector force, acting from the shoe plate on the piston mechanism, passes through the mounting surface of fairlead bush: [r.sub.c] = ([] - [r.sub.n]) x tg ([gamma]).
Harken offers two cam fairleads. The 375 fits the 150 Cam-Matic.
The PMC technology eliminates the need for mooring hardware such as fairleads, sheaves, chain tensioners and chain lockers.
Rigging and condition of control cables, pulleys, fairleads and fittings should also be carefully checked.
The BRON 250 also comes with an open ROPS canopy, dual reel carrier, hinged ROPS fairleads and slider chute.
Item Value Rating 5 MW Rotor configuration Upwind, 3 blades Cut-in, rated, cut-out wind speed 3m/s, 11.4 m/s, 25 m/s Total draft below sea water level (SWL) 120 m Tower base above SWL 10 m Hub height above SWL 90m Nacelle dimension (length, width, height) 14.2 m, 2.3 m, 3.5 m Platform diameter above taper 6.5 m Platform diameter below taper 9.4m Rotor nacelle assembly (RNA) mass 350,000 kg Tower mass 249,718 kg Platform mass 7,466,000 kg Number of mooring lines 3 Depth to fairleads below SWL 70 m Baseline control in Region 3 GSPI and constant torque TABLE 2: Term descriptions in the model of OC3-Hywind surge- heave-pitch motion.