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The poll, meanwhile, showed that global publics "are divided on whether the court system treats everyone fairly," Pew said.The poll yielded a 27-country median of 44% who believethe court system treats everyone fairly.
16 to 19, 2018 among 1,440 respondents, SWS found 87 percent assessing their life in general as happy, with 39 percent of them very happy, and 48 percent fairly happy.
Are you: Very happy; Fairly happy; Not very happy; or Not at all happy?)
The Fairly Group has other connections to the big leagues, too.
Fairly colder nights and mornings are expected over most parts of the island.Mainly fair weather will continue over most parts of the island except for a few showers in the eastern coastal areas.
The 49% who say the death penalty is applied fairly is, by one percentage point, the lowest Gallup has measured since it first asked the question in 2000 and reflects a gradual decline of this view over the past decade.
In this article, they review the history of bad faith litigation and recent cases in New Jersey and Colorado eroding the "fairly debatable" defense.
One of the major criticisms of capital punishment, and central to the Supreme Court's ruling in the Furman case, is that the law is not applied fairly. For example, racial and ethnic minority defendants are disproportionately more likely than white defendants to receive the death penalty.
"Sunday will see a fairly dry start to the day in many places with sunny spells and with the showers well scattered, but they will be fairly widespread by early afternoon."
Muscat: Despite significant pressures on the economy of Oman, the country has fared fairly well and without much damages, said Hamood Sanjoor Al Zadglai, the Central Bank Executive President.
Temperatures are set to drop to about 17degC, fairly cool for this time of year.
The survey of 900 bus users across the county showed that 77% were fairly or very satisfied over punctuality and some 83% were fairly or very satisfied with journey times.