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Sunday will see a fairly dry start to the day in many places with sunny spells and with the showers well scattered, but they will be fairly widespread by early afternoon.
Temperatures are set to drop to about 17degC, fairly cool for this time of year.
A new survey by the watchdog Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) found many people in Wales did not believe complaints made to the police would be addressed fairly.
Followed this news story very or fairly closely The death of Princess Diana (Sept.
Among Democrats, 14 percent said the country is doing very well, and 51 percent said it is doing fairly well.
She decided a complete change in direction was needed and Business Link became her new crutch to lean on whilst she set up her own business, Fairly Scrumptious.
Sixty-six percent of workers said they were not paid fairly, compared to just 16 percent who said they were content with their salaries, according to the survey by the Middle East job site.
Daniel Hendrick Fairly of Brandon and the granddaughter of the late Mr.
2 : very close to <He was fairly bursting with pride.
The firm's Public-to-Private survey claims 69 per cent of smaller quoted companies (SQCs) feel the stock market does not fairly value their business, even without the effects of the recent credit crunch.
A FAIRLY quiet day on the markets finished with UK shares barely unchanged.
Summary: The New Zealand dollar has rallied in seven consecutive months of October, showing fairly strong forex seasonality through that stretch.