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An opportunity to look at ourselves and acknowledge what this tolerant, fairminded country has become.
at 654 (arguing that nationwide injunctions are appropriate when "'fairminded jurists' would be unable to disagree about the challenged legal provision's invalidity or proper interpretation").
The lout, whose loud, ignorant rants at our European partners in Brussels has done more to damage our reputation as a fairminded, civilised people hypocrite he as PS90k salary than decades of rampaging football hooligans.
"We will continue to take action to drive this behaviour out of Tynecastle and I know I have the support of all fairminded Hearts supporters.
In my experience Teesside people are generous and fairminded - are we prepared to tolerate this deliberate and damaging injustice or not?
I know Sharon to be a fairminded local councillor who works hard in ensuring that the city centre, with its many challenges, is consistently managed, working alongside both council officers and the businesses within the Business Improvement District to encourage and challenge in equal measures.
Hesitating for a second, Sir Doug said: "I'd like to be thought of as fairminded.
For though the event of my father's passing and the events of my story cannot be separated, my story is not after all about death, but about my escape and Lucia's; about my mother's and Maiguru's entrapment; and about nyasha's rebellion - Nyasha, fairminded and isolated, my uncle's daughter, whose rebellion may not have been successful" (1).
[section] 2254(d) imposes the substantive limit on relief, restricting federal merits review only to cases in which no fairminded jurist could endorse a state disposition against the claim.
THE extreme comments on the Prime Minister and her fractious team have struck me as very off-putting to anyone hoping to be thought fairminded.
Moreover, Natalia was very fairminded about the fact that poor sense of social responsibility was not only on the government and people in general, but also on girls themselves who many times were naive and believed that handsome strange men were selflessly going to change their difficult lives for better:
[16.] ELDER, Linda and FRAN, Fairminded. Critical Thinking for Children.