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Here again, the 12 points of Berlin document has helpful things to say, with its exhortations to Jews to differentiate between fairminded criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism, and to offer encouragement to the State of Israel as it works to fulfill the ideals reflected in its founding documents.
They have fantastic fans who are fairminded and keep up their support no matter the result.
Closing schools and cutting programs has been doubly painful for Smith, who values education above all else - but his steady and fairminded leadership made the process less destructive than it might have been.
That is the only logical conclusion any fairminded voter is able to draw when the Tories vow to stop themselves in law from raising certain taxes but not increasing others, safeguarding payments or protecting services.
Mr Clegg said "decent fairminded centre-ground" Welsh Conservatives were alarmed and planned to vote Lib Dem.
But any fairminded observer would have to admit it was Sturgeon's night.
245) A state court decision, the Supreme Court has instructed, is to be invalidated only if it is "so lacking in justification that there was an error well understood and comprehended in existing law beyond any possibility for fairminded disagreement.
Fairminded observers will agree that both these goals are not just desirable, but absolutely critical, if Pakistan is to stop the slow descent into chaos.
The State Department, perhaps assessing the potential impact Kerry's comments could have in the Middle East, rushed to explain that the secretary of state was fairminded in apportioning blame.
All my fairminded colleagues would disagree with you.
I am not sure whether, as fairminded politicians, we should accept this.
Christians should be judged by the same standards as a fairminded person should judge people of different nationalities.