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While the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is now an accomplished fact, there are still fairness issues that continue regarding its completion, filling, and operation.
These fairness perceptions can be the result of perceived value, which is the focus of transaction utility theory.
Therefore, we choose fairness as the performance metric rather than a response time guarantee for intermittent traffic.
And and as far as women are concerned, much of the fairness - equality if you prefer that word - has been imposed in recent years on Britain through European regulations.
Fields, diversity coordinator for the Seventh Circuit, hosted the CJE Fairness & Diversity Conference at the Beach Safely Headquarters in Daytona Beach.
One famous victim of the Fairness Doctrine was WXUR, controlled by Rev.
Patients with steroidal rosacea reporting to the investigator were asked about their current use of topical steroids and fairness creams and observations recorded.
That apart, it also emphasizes on the fact that the fairness cream comprises of scientific extracts of actives from nature which is instrumental in providing solutions to various skin care concerns like skin darkening, blemishes, oiliness, dark circles & spots and protection from sun, dirt and pollution", he added.
Two new SKUs, White Radiance Intensive Fairness Serum and Intensive Fairness Cream, use "breakthrough, cellular-level technology" and an upgraded UV blocker allowing them to offer SPF 50.
The Fairness Instinct: The Robin Hood Mentality and Our Biological Nature
THE FAIRNESS INSTINCT; THE ROBIN HOOD MENTALITY AND OUR BIOLOGICAL NATURE comes from a biologist who considers the innate sense of fairness that has been part of all kinds of societies throughout human history, considering that it's a behavior that's part of human DNA rather than an ideological or social concept.

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