fait accompli

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I think the Turkish leadership shows bravado by demonstrating its military presence, but I consider it to be irrational on its part to put practical obstacles and attempt a fait accompli in the maritime area of the Republic of Cyprus," he said.
Rejecting all actions taken to impose a fait accompli by force and try to change the components and nature of the Yemeni society, calling upon the Houthis to stop the use of force and withdraw from all the areas under their control and deliver the weapons were seized from the military and security institutions and engage in the political process.
BEIRUT: Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai warned Tuesday that a fait accompli government would plunge Lebanon into further turmoil, as the Future Movement said the formation of a national unity Cabinet hinged on MP Michel Aoun's agreement to the rotation of ministerial portfolios.
While this fait accompli cannot become the source of a new law, it added, "We ask to change the route of the wall along the 'green line.
Ms Oakeshott told the court Pryce said Huhne had presented her with a fait accompli of taking the points, adding: "She was understandably very upset about it.
The foundation warned of "the grave dangers" posed to Al Aqsa by settler actions, adding that the repeated assaults, which escalate over the Jewish holiday seasons, are part of Israeli attempts to impose a fait accompli through maintaining a daily Jewish presence at Al Aqsa.
It does not want to end up faced with a fait accompli, with decisions taken by the 17 that the 27 then have no choice but to approve.
Noting that Greek Cypriots, with the same mentality of seizing the rights, removed Turkish Cypriots from Cyprus Republic which had been jointly founded in 1964, Bozer said that Turkish Cypriots, as a stance against all those fait accompli and attitude, declared TRNC with people's will in 1983, and a democratic state based on human rights and supremacy of law was founded.
I would regard the trials as part of the continuing discussions about it rather than the fait accompli.
Sabeih added that today's message to Israel is that the force and the policy of fait accompli don't give it the right to usurp Jerusalem or any other part of the occupied Palestine.
And the fears of Arsenal fans that the move is a fait accompli grew when Barca president Joan Laporta told friends that "in a few weeks this subject will be closed".
This is incorrect as it is no longer a "proposal" but a fait accompli.