fait accompli

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He described statements by Eroglu that if negotiations reach a deadline each one will follow its way as unacceptable, and noted that the positions of the Turkish side on the issue of properties and its denial to associate the issue of properties with the territorial issue and the issues of migration, citizenship, foreigners and asylum raise the question of whether the Turkish side is aiming at reaching a deadlock with a view to implement the new fait accompli pursued by Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot leadership.
Energy analysts say this latest Turkish move aims to pre-empt Cyprus' own plans for gas drilling by creating fait accomplis in the island's EEZ.
We say it would be regardless of question for one side to overcome the other side with fait accomplis.
It seems only the leaders have discussed this and it has been a fait accomplis.
Many consultation processes begin at a later stage of development, which leaves residents with a fait accomplis over plans which have become too far developed on which to backtrack.
Dr Jones said: 'The school had a duty to consult, but this scheme was presented as a fait accomplis.
closures, in a line of fait accomplis that destroy the essence of peace in the region,' said Palestinian Cabinet minister Saeb Erekat.