faithful companion

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It was as much as he could do now, with the help of his big stick and frequent stops, to hobble down to the canal with Master Tom, and bait his hook for him, and sit and watch his angling, telling him quaint old country stories; and when Tom had no sport, and detecting a rat some hundred yards or so off along the bank, would rush off with Toby the turnspit terrier, his other faithful companion, in bootless pursuit, he might have tumbled in and been drowned twenty times over before Benjy could have got near him.
It was with some faint reference in his own mind to this disorder, though he would by no means admit it, even to himself, that Nicholas had already carried his faithful companion to a physician of great repute.
In the dead hush of midnight, he could even hear the barking of the watchdog from the opposite shore of the Hudson; but it was so vague and faint as only to give an idea of his distance from this faithful companion of man.
But whenever things looked grim, Ger had his faithful companion Joey.
Brysons were very supportive during the adoption process and gave advice, which I followed, and within a few weeks I had a very happy dog who has now been my loving and faithful companion for 13 years.
She also leaves behind seven grandchildren who meant the world to her, Erin Coonan Schmidt, Brian, Kevin, and Eileen Coonan, Christopher, Eric, and Ellen Parren, as well as her great-grandson Kaleb Coonan, and of course her dog Bailey who was her faithful companion.
Written by the trio who run The Grief Recovery Institute in Los Angeles, The Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss is a straightforward and sympathetic self-help guide written especially for pet owners who feel crippling sadness after the passing of a faithful companion.
It featured floral depictions of faithful companion K9 and enemies such as the Daleks.
What more could you need from a faithful companion than that?
It reads: "Susan died 26th Jan 1959 for 15 years the faithful companion of the Queen.
ALL this faithful companion needs is a purr-fect new owner to adopt her.