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And God intends for his faithfulness to Christ to elicit faithfulness from his people as well.
In a slight revision of his 2014 doctoral thesis at the University of Oxford, Cudworth shows how the author of Chronicles assesses each king primarily on the basis of his faithfulness to the temple cult, rather than by his adherence to the Mosaic law, as most previous scholars have assumed.
We look for God to repeat what we trace as a pattern of faithfulness.
Almost 700 singles were questioned for the faithfulness survey, which found men are more likely to cheat sexually - with 40% admitting to past infidelities compared to just 30% of women.
Al-Manthri affirmed on the need for more efforts to be exerted to serve Oman and faithfulness to the wise leadership of His Majesty.
NAIROBI, KENYA--Concerned that the crisis in the worldwide Anglican Communion is deepening, conservative Anglican primates in Africa are organizing a second conference to discuss ways of returning the church to what they describe as biblical faithfulness.
DAMASCUS, (SANA) Coordinator of the European Faithfulness Campaign, Amin Abu Rashed, said that this campaign seeks to alleviate the suffering of the affected and displaced Syrians and Palestinians currently living in temporary housing centers due to the events in Syria.
non-linear functions and additive noise) we obtain full identifiability; that is, given an observational distribution, we can recover the underlying causal graph, even without requiring faithfulness.
net Healthy relationships Dear Sir, Faithfulness and trust are vital for a good and healthy relationship.
The basis of that theory is the sexual faithfulness study made by the University of Western Australia research team.
tribal and sectarian loyalty rather than faithfulness to the homeland, the
That feeling of faithfulness to your country and leadership is most essential today by all citizens - natural or naturalised - and expats.