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It was some months, however, before I resolved upon this; and, therefore, as I had rewarded the old captain fully, and to his satisfaction, who had been my former benefactor, so I began to think of the poor widow, whose husband had been my first benefactor, and she, while it was in her power, my faithful steward and instructor.
But, as I have said, this was not the main thing that kept me from going to the Brazils, but that really I did not know with whom to leave my effects behind me; so I resolved at last to go to England, where, if I arrived, I concluded that I should make some acquaintance, or find some relations, that would be faithful to me; and, accordingly, I prepared to go to England with all my wealth.
In order to prepare things for my going home, I first (the Brazil fleet being just going away) resolved to give answers suitable to the just and faithful account of things I had from thence; and, first, to the Prior of St.
answered Richard, impatiently; ``I tell thee, Sir Wilfred, the best of them are most willing to repay my follies in kind For example, my very faithful servant, Wilfred of Ivanhoe, will not obey my positive commands, and yet reads his king a homily, because he does not walk exactly by his advice.
Sire," said Villefort, "I will render a faithful report to your majesty, but I must entreat your forgiveness if my anxiety leads to some obscurity in my language.
Daughter of one of your majesty's most faithful servants.
Add now, to make this second fruit of friendship complete, that other point, which lieth more open, and falleth within vulgar observation; which is faithful counsel from a friend.
ISLAMABAD -- Health experts have advised the faithfuls to increase water intake during the duration from 'Iftar' to 'Sehri' and avoid overeating during Ramzan to stay healthy.
Waseem Khawaja said the faithfuls must increase water intake from seven to eight glasses during the duration from Iftar to Sehri to avoid dehydration.
About Iftar's diet, the senior Physician advised the faithfuls to take vegetable soup, boiled meat, fruits, dates and water with gaps.